We provide three flexible licensing options, one for any budget or topology. 



Homebase is available in three types of licenses; SaaS, Dedicated, and On-Premise. 


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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our SaaS offering is for smaller organizations who just want to leverage Homebase without any fancy system integrations other than perhaps single sign-on. Customers are able to use Homebase based on the number of users who can authenticate to the platform. Support and Homebase’s feature set are limited to only Homebase specific components and integration points; the full feature set of HCL’s Web Content Manager is not available. 

Homebase Dedicated

Medium to large organizations would likely prefer to have a dedicated instance. Having a dedicated instance allows for the full functionality provided with our SaaS license, but also includes the full capabilities of HCL’s Web Content Manager. Customers leveraging this licensing model also have the ability to upgrade their license to include the full HCL Digital Experience suite.

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Homebase On-Premise

Since our product is built on top of HCL software, existing HCL customers who already own HCL’s Web Content Manager or Digital Experience platforms are able to purchase Homebase for a one time fee. If you do not own any HCL software but would like to still have an on-premise deployment, we’re the go-to partner to get you the required licenses and aid in your implementation. Visit Asponte Technology for more details.

Not sure which license is right for you? Contact us today and we'll help guide you in determining what license type is right for your organization. 


Homebase Instances and Bundles


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Homebase Instances

Instances of Homebase are broken down into their purpose and are licensed as such. The minimum entry into Homebase is our SaaS model with a single production instance. A common upgrade is to add an authoring environment which mimics the rendering server but is strictly for authoring and the production rendering server then receives a tuning exercise to increase rendering times. Authoring instances are also leveraged for lower tier environments such as development or testing.

Homebase Bundles

Bundles are prepackaged instances of the Homebase platform and are designed to achieve enterprise level deployments and support. Be it a highly available static site for anonymous viewing or for enterprises looking for a SaaS or hosted solution that supports multiple environment tiers, our bundles are designed for most use cases. Individual instances are able to be added to any bundle to customize your deployment to meet your goals and requirements. After bundle limits are reached, individual instances are added on a per instance basis and licensed as such. 

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Homebase Dedicated and On-Premise


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Homebase Dedicated


  • You get all of HCL WCM’s capabilities
  • Eligible to upgrade to full HCL Digital Experience suite
  • Dedicated machines in the Homebase managed cloud environment


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Homebase On-Premise


  • For customers who already own HCL WCM, Portal, or Digital Experience
  • One-time purchase
  • Includes 90 days of support


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