Homebase Intranet Platform: Your Challenges Accepted.



Our platform transforms your business by increasing employee productivity and collaboration with a multitude of integrations and superior content authoring capabilities. 

Powered by the best content management platform available, HCL Digital Experience


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The Next Generation of Intranets

Forget about boring company intranets, the Homebase Intranet Platform delivers powerful productivity enhancing integrations and comes standard with the world class capabilities of HCL Web Content Manager.

  • 100% Fully Customizable
  • Over 40 Unique Content Widgets and Page Templates
  • Integrations with Box, Sharepoint, Google and more!
  • Manage Platform Videos, Documents, and Content
  • Secure Assets with Permission Controls
  • Available as SaaS and On-Premise Deployments

Impressive, Productive, and Engaging

Our platform is jam packed with tons of features that help increase productivity and collaboration within your organization. 

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Homebase has everything your company needs to get going on our platform as your company intranet!  Flexible deployment options, world class content tools, productivity blasters that allow business and creative users to engage and collaborate more effectively, all while being enterprise grade, secure, mobile ready and easy to afford.  Homebase is the perfect solution for companies looking for a world class web platform for their business. 


Single Sign On

Bring your authentication provider, such as OpenID, MS Azure, or start fresh with ours!

Anywhere, Anytime

Powered by the cloud, your organization can access your secure intranet from anywhere!

Productivity, Enhanced

Productivity is increased by providing a single location for all your company's needs.

Rich Media

Organize and manage all your organizations media, such as images and videos.

Faceted Search

We go beyond showing you results, we suggest spelling fixes and provide facets for an extraordinary search experience.

Mobilized Workforce

Our platform works with all devices, no matter their type, shape, or brand!


and sooo much more! For a full list of features, check out our features page.


Our platform can do much more than increase productivity within your organization. Contact us today to schedule a demo.

Level Up

Homebase platform comes standard with an intranet, but is powerful and secure enough to be the exclusive web property for your organization.

  • Host Publicly Accessible and Secured Authentication Required Web Properties
  • Create Micro-sites in Minutes
  • Deploy Customized Services to Extend your Platform to Meet Business Needs
  • Three Tier Enterprise* and Blue/Green Ready**
  • Single Sign On Capable with Any Authentication Provider
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Homebase Platform combines the years of expertise of our development staff with the HCL Digital Experience platform with the enterprise grade capabilities of HCL Web Content Manager to deliver a product that can serve as a single platform for organizations as small as 10 to as many as 1,000,000 employees. That's right, we said one million employees. In reality, our platform can scale even further but for organizations over one thousand employees, please contact us to inquire about our available volume discounts.

* Three Tier Enterprise traditionally consists of a development, quality assurance, and production isolated environments
** Blue/Green traditionally consists of two production environments equally maintained but leveraged independently based on your organizations deployment schedule


Conveying our capabilities to you with a static website is not easy. Contact us today for an in-depth conversation around what your requirements are and how Homebase can achieve those requirements.