HCL Digital Experience

HCL Digital Experience ranks highest worldwide in providers of web experience management solutions.

Powerful Content Control for Any Use Case

No matter what your use case or need, HCL Web Content Manager's intuitive content management tools help you quickly get your message out in the shape and form you intended.

Quickly Launch Content

Intuitive tools empower people closest to the business to build new solutions and processes that save on IT resources.

Respond to Disruption

Increase efficiency and reduce downtime to keep your business-critical functions operating smoothly, 24/7, for all stakeholders.

Distribute Vital Information

Deliver time-sensitive news and resources to your employees through your intranet without having to wait on IT to implement your content.

Role-Based Access

Create role-based views so your teams can contribute meaningfully while maintaining security and quality control.

Multi-Channel Management

Manage content and customer journeys across multiple websites, apps, and portals from one login using our Single Sign-On Options.

Personalized Customer Journeys

Create personalized content based on customer data and the actions they take.

Connect Legacy Systems

Don’t let a legacy system hinder you from innovating. Easily connect existing data using less custom code.

Improve Self-Service Options

Provide greater functionality for your end users by connecting all their information no matter where it all lives.

Deliver Alerts and Updates

Connect your data and systems so you can provide important alerts business users and customers.

Drag-and-Drop Integrations

Simply select what, how, and where to integrate in our new Experience API UI.

Automation Options

Leverage Kubernetes’ Kube Operator to automate your data and keep things running smoothly.

New Experience API UI

Manage all your APIs in one place and seamlessly deliver them across all digital touchpoints.

Install in Minutes

Deploy in the cloud or on-prem in minutes with Docker and Kubernetes support.

Open APIs

Leverage the latest Open API set of REST services to deliver complete digital experiences.

Modern Development Tools

Leverage the latest front-end frameworks from Node JS, Angular JS, to React and more.

Custom Services

Connect your custom-made services and legacy systems to provide a superior digital experience.

Systems of Record

Bring in customer and business records to create a single view for your customers partners.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Connect your ERP to manage and truly integrate all the pieces of your vital business processes.


Trusted by the world’s largest governments, banks, insurance companies, and healthcare industries.


Trust that your sensitive data, that could be a target for hackers, is on a proven and secure platform.


Encryption on the wire and at rest. We offer the latest encryption standards like FIPS 140-2 and SP800-131 to keep your data safe.



HCL Digital Experience customers saw a 64% increase
in user productivity.


HCL Web Content Manager Benefits

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Robust theme building and branding tools let you fully customize how your content will look, feel, and behave.

Custom page templating allows you to quickly scale content creation in a sustainable and organized way.

Fully responsive web and app experiences out of the box. No need to design specifically for each device or use case.

Quickly deliver important information. Build and edit content inline. Drag and drop content into place. What you see is what you get with our new content editing tools.

HCL WCM headless content management lets you build and transform without being tied to a specific frontend.

Eliminate the headache of duplication and searching across separate repositories with HCL WCM's built-in digital asset management system (DAM).

Take your customer and business data and turn it into a personalized digital experience for each customer.

Integrate with the tools you already know and love. Connect all your apps and data in an intuitive and user-friendly way fully capitalizing on open API and REST API standards.

Pull relevant data across all your systems into one single view for a seamless singular customer experience.

Dramatically improve your ability to deliver essential digital experiences. Develop 10x faster, provide more architecture options, and deploy updates faster and more reliably.

Leverage the latest frontend JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React, Vue) and the new self-describing open API set of REST services to deliver complete digital experiences.

Support for OpenShift Container Platform for hybrid or single-tenant public cloud deployment.

Boost the value of your existing investments through HCL Digital Experience’s flexible integration capabilities. Integrate with your current — and future — technology stack.

Our platform’s strength lies in being able to connect to complex backend systems, legacy ones, and even completely custom ones.

Our tools make it easy for you to connect and manage API operations in a low-code environment that limits having to create custom code.

HCL Digital Experience is an open framework that can easily hook up to your most integral systems to provide a complete end user digital experience.

Works out of the box with no need to purchase add-ons or develop custom workarounds.

Docker and Kubernetes support means ultimate flexibility and portability, so you can select the deployment model and platform of your choice.

Provide personalized digital experiences that allow employees, customers, and citizens to interact with people, content, and applications anywhere, anytime.

APIs help you connect your data the way you want through portlets, widgets, page components, page layouts, application integration, site creation, and page rendering.

Your connected data seamlessly feeds into these user experiences dynamically.

Install in the cloud or on-premises in minutes, not days, using Docker and Kubernetes.

Support is provided for all market-leading public, private, and hybrid clouds to always provide a secure, reliable experience.

Automated provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and self-healing via Kubernetes support dramatically reduces total cost of ownership

Create better and more intuitive digital experiences without compromising on the safety and security of your platform; whether in the cloud or on-premises.

We give you the freedom to implement security protocols at every stage, like layered firewalls, so your data is safe.

We also offer a security hardening guide and regularly post security bulletins in our support library to ensure you are up to date with the latest security best practices and fixes.

Automated provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and self-healing via Kubernetes support dramatically reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and keeps customers satisfied and partners productive.