The Homebase Advantage

Exceeding Expectations is Our Reputation

Powered by the Cloud

We leverage several different cloud providers and technologies to provide our customers with the utmost scalability and performance.

Isolated and Secured Data

Security is number one on our list of priorities. We secure all communications within our environment and have all customer data isolated and secured.

Continuous Updates

We’re quite the talented team of engineers with a deep passion for helping people so we’re always enhancing our products and services for our customers with consistent releases.

Mobile Enabled

Our product is responsive and is compatible with all devices and major browsers. No need to install any mobile applications for a tailored mobile experience.

Your Deployment is your deployment

With other SaaS products, you are intermingled with all the other customers of that product. Not with us, we create unique instances for each customer so that your data and your site is yours and only yours.

Limited Only by Ideas

If you can dream it, the Homebase Platform is capable of achieving it. Customization is what we’re known for! Homebase Dedicated and On-Premise customers upgraded to the full HCL Digital Experience suite allow for integrations and customizations of any level and with any platform.

Flexible Licensing Models

We offer three different and very flexible licensing models; SaaS per user, dedicated, and on-premise. These three models allow organizations of any size and budget to get the features they require for their intranet platform quickly and easily.

Ready to Go Intranet

Customers leveraging Homebase SaaS are provided with a robust and feature rich intranet ready to improve your employees’ productivity and collaboration.

Dedicated and On-premise Receive full HCL WCM

Customers leveraging the dedicated or on-premise licenses are also entitled to the full capabilities of HCL’s Web Content Manager and are able to upgrade their licenses to include the full HCL Digital Experience product suite to expand their platform’s capabilities to include all available features and entitlements.



Let's increase your employee's productivity, lower your intranet's TCO, and handle surges dynamically as they arise.

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IT Professionals Love Homebase

  • Able to aggregate data from multiple sources
  • Can leverage existing security and authentication providers
  • No expensive customization required
  • No IT support necessary
  • Easy to use administrative interface
  • Detailed analytics of usage and content
  • Accessible from anywhere on any device
  • Secure repository for all corporate policies and service requests
  • Secured access and penetration tested
  • Zero to Live in 24hrs
  • Low TCO, high ROI

Corporate Communications Digs Homebase

  • Able to aggregate data from multiple sources
  • Easy to use authoring experience
  • Platform wide to user level alerting
  • Blogs allow leaders to communicate directly to their employees
  • Content workflows allow content to require approval prior to publishing*
  • Aggregate video assets from multiple sources in a single location
  • No IT involvement required for setup and ongoing maintenance
  • Ability to deliver personalized, targeted and relevant communications.
  • Realtime analytics insights of content and user engagement
  • Drive strategic alignment by allowing all employees to contribute and share your company’s vision


* Available in SaaS Dedicated and On Premise Licenses

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